Is Online Casinos Considered Legal In India?

Is Online Casinos Considered Legal In India? 09

Online Casinos in India have exploded in popularity across the world over the last decade. This growth has not been ignored by consumers in India, who are increasingly looking at online casinos as a form of entertainment. However, one common question asked amongst those people is are online casinos legal in India?

Certainly, online casino patrons in the country have cause to be confused. India has only recently started warming to the idea of land-based casinos, which remain largely illegal. So, what makes online casinos different? Well, they are legal if the online casino is based outside of India. This means Indian customers can enter and play at a online casino which are legal in india based in a regulated market, such as the United Kingdom. India’s relationship with the online casino is complicated. The country prohibits any company from forming and hosting an online casino within Indian borders.

However, there is no law preventing individuals from gambling at offshore casinos. This balancing act is possible because of anti-gambling legislation in India that focuses on organizations and not consumers. Specifically, the Public Gambling Act of 1857 prevents any company from operating a public gambling business in India. Of course, this law was enacted long before online casinos existed, so it does not account for venues held in other countries.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Indian consumers can easily access online casinos hosted in other nations. As for the chances of India ever allowing online casinos. it’s a long process. The country is certainly warming to the idea of allowing more legal frameworks for gaming. For example, the Lotteries Act of 1998 opened the door for Indian states to host lotteries, and in some cases, sports betting.