Live Streaming API

Live Streaming API 12

A Livestream resource holds information about the video stream that you are sending to YouTube. The stream provides the content that will be shown to YouTube users. Once created, a Livestream resource can skip to one or more live broadcast resources.

Users can immediately go live at the push of a button. Users can rush from any device: desktop, iOS, Android, and more.

Live casino API offers Infrastructure that can handle thousands of concurrent live streamers and millions of viewers.
casino API delivers the best viewing experience with adaptive bitrate delivery with live cloud video encoding.

Our casino app automatically detects the closest endpoint for easy configuration. we automatically Broadcast to your favorite social media platform.

Let your users rebroadcast to a specific platform with Live casino API Simulcasting. We make it easy to restream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Pay only for what you use at that time:- We don’t charge you for creating live casino API streaming endpoints and stream keys. This makes it easy to support your users. With a unique live “stream key” for each of your users, we’ll send you a webhook so you can respond appropriately whenever they go live.


The API supports the following methods for live casino API Streams resources:

it returns a list of video streams that match the API request parameters according to what the user searched for. Try it now.

It creates a video stream. The stream enables you to send your video to YouTube, which can then deliver the video to your audience. Try it now.

We provide you with options to Update the video can take help from us for more information we are 24*7 available.

The next option we can provide is to delete a video stream.
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